Tips and Tricks with MailMaestro

Tips and Tricks with MailMaestro

Quickstart guide on using MailMaestro

Explore the features of MailMaestro – the ultimate Microsoft Outlook add-in. Elevate your email game with AI-generated content for improved, composed, and summarized emails.

Pin to sidebar

Pin MailMaestro to Outlook's sidebar for uninterrupted access to time-saving features. Simply follow easy steps to pin it in Compose/Reply and Read views.

Adjusting the sidebar

Adjust the appearance of the sidebar for the best experience.

Improve writing vs write from scratch

Achieve swift email perfection with MailMaestro: "Improve Existing Email" refines your drafts, while "Write from scratch" crafts AI-generated emails based on your points—transform your inbox management effortlessly!

Tips for better prompts

Optimize your MailMaestro experience with effective prompts. Learn to make prompts clear, personal, and skip recaps for efficient, effective AI-generated emails.

What bad prompts look like

Get the best results from MailMaestro by using clear and specific prompts; avoid vagueness, broadness, or brevity to ensure accurate and effective email generation aligned with your goals.

Summarize email threads

Set your preferred greeting, signoff, and signature in MailMaestro's settings to enjoy personalized emails, save time, and leverage AI-generated suggestions for an upgraded emailing experience!

Summarize attachments

Instantly summarize PDF and DOCX attachments of your incoming emails.

Respond to meeting requests

Upon receiving an email to schedule a meet or call, MailMaestro automatically identifies available slots according to your calendar.

Improve existing email

Elevate your email game effortlessly with MailMaestro's "Improve Existing Email" feature—simply launch MailMaestro, refine your draft, hit "Improve," and choose from 3 enhanced options to save time, craft impactful emails, and enjoy a seamless composition experience!

Improve selected text

Allow precise and efficient refinement of specific sections of drafts using the new Improve with AI feature.

Preference settings

Set your preferred greeting, signoff, and signature in MailMaestro's settings to enjoy personalized emails, save time, and leverage AI-generated suggestions for an upgraded emailing experience!

Recipient box

Enhance email personalization, improve communication effectiveness, and save time by tailoring your emails to match the recipient's preferences and communication style.

Magic templates

Revamp your email writing with Magic Templates in MailMaestro—effortlessly create personalized messages using pre-built prompts, banish writer's block, and supercharge your inbox productivity!

Prompt history

Prompt History lets you effortlessly access and reuse your past brilliant prompts to supercharge your email writing speed and productivity.

Multiple options

Struggling to draft the perfect email? Say goodbye to writer's block with MailMaestro's Multiple Options feature, providing you with three unique email choices to enhance your productivity and communication prowess.

Multiple languages

Break language barriers effortlessly with MailMaestro: use the Language Selector to write in your preferred language and translate to English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Malay, or Swedish, ensuring seamless communication with international clients and colleagues.

Tone selector

Strike the perfect tone in your professional emails effortlessly using MailMaestro: tailor your tone to your audience and purpose, from formal business communications to friendly notes, ensuring your message is received just as you intend.

Email length selector

Achieve email perfection effortlessly using MailMaestro: find the sweet spot between brevity and detail with the Email Length Selector, empowering you to choose short, medium, or long email styles for impeccable communication.

Text shortcuts

Save time and boost your email productivity with MailMaestro's Text Shortcuts feature, which allows you to create and insert frequently used information in your emails with assigned shortcuts, eliminating the need for repetitive typing.

Prompts for better introductions

Craft compelling introductory emails effortlessly with MailMaestro: provide key details, select your desired tone, and let our AI create engaging intros that leave a lasting impression.

MailMaestro for Customer Support

Enhance customer support with MailMaestro: effortlessly address frustrated customers by generating customized, empathetic responses that offer practical solutions and even perform calculations, transforming challenges into positive interactions.

MailMaestro for better Project Management communications

Elevate project communication management with MailMaestro: streamline updates and action items using the Summarize Email Threads feature, ensuring clarity and efficiency in your project communications.

MailMaestro for marketing

Craft compelling and effective marketing emails effortlessly using MailMaestro, empowering you to address market pain points, incorporate trends, and showcase product benefits for impactful communication that drives results.

Writing cold emails with MailMaestro

Streamline the process of creating impactful cold emails using MailMaestro, enabling you to effortlessly generate attention-grabbing subject lines and persuasive body copy tailored to your target audience and goals.

Request availabilities for meetings with MailMaestro

Effortlessly schedule meetings across time zones and calendars using MailMaestro's prompt to efficiently coordinate and communicate meeting details.

Follow-up like a pro with MailMaestro

Simplify email follow-ups effortlessly with MailMaestro's intuitive prompt, crafting personalized messages without the usual hassle.

Accessing MailMaestro for Outlook on Web

Integrate MailMaestro into your Outlook web experience by enabling the add-in through the settings menu, allowing quick access to AI-driven email management tools.

Accessing MailMaestro for Outlook on Windows

Seamlessly integrate MailMaestro's AI-powered email management into your Outlook on Windows experience, enhancing your email workflow through easy steps.

Accessing MailMaestro for Outlook on Mac

Enable MailMaestro's AI-driven email management tools in Outlook on Mac by activating the add-in through the settings menu, ensuring quick accessibility.