9 Useful Candidate Rejection Email Templates & Examples

Jun 3, 2024

In the professional realm, rejecting a job candidate tactfully can be challenging. This article provides valuable samples of candidate rejection email templates, offering the best ways to inform a candidate of rejection.

We will delve into how to reject a job candidate professionally to maintain a positive rapport while delivering the disappointing news. This guide is an essential toolkit for crafting a professional job candidate rejection letter, with tips for rejecting job applicants politely and constructively. Learn how to write emails with the right tone to make rejection emails more effectively.

9 Candidate rejection Templates - Ready To Use

Candidate rejection emails are a crucial part of the recruitment process. They are a professional and respectful way to inform job applicants that they haven't been selected for the position. These specially designed email templates help recruiters and hiring managers on how to reject a job candidate professionally, ensuring the candidate maintains a positive impression of the company.

The templates cater to three different rejection scenarios - appreciative rejection, constructive feedback, and encouraging rejection. Each template focuses on the pain-points of rejection, turning a negative experience into a constructive one. For instance, the 'Appreciative Rejection' template thanks the candidate for their time and effort, while the 'Constructive Feedback Rejection' offers valuable insights that can help the candidate in their future job applications. The 'Encouraging Rejection' template motivates the candidate to apply for future job openings, implying their potential usefulness in other roles.

These templates are designed for anyone involved in the hiring process, from HR professionals and hiring managers to small business owners. They provide the best ways to inform a candidate of rejection while maintaining a professional tone.

Template 1: The Appreciative Rejection

This template is designed to show appreciation for the candidate's time and effort, emphasizing that their application was thoroughly considered.

Email Template

Template 2: The Constructive Feedback Rejection

This rejection email template includes constructive feedback, which can help the candidate improve in their future job applications.

Email Template

Template 3: The Encouraging Rejection

This template encourages the candidate to apply for future job openings, implying that their skills could be useful in other roles or future opportunities.

Email Template

Template 4: The Timely Rejection

This template is designed to provide a prompt response to the candidate, ensuring they are not left waiting for an extended period.

Email Template

Template 5: The Internal Candidate Preference Rejection

This template is used when an internal candidate has been chosen for the position, providing a polite explanation to the external candidate.

Email Template

Template 6: The High-Volume Rejection

This template addresses situations where the company received an exceptionally high number of applications, emphasizing the competitiveness of the process.

Email Template

Template 7: The Networking Opportunity Rejection

This template suggests a networking opportunity, offering to connect the candidate with other professionals or companies that might be a better fit.

Email Template

Template 8: The Post-Interview Rejection

This template is specifically for candidates who have reached the interview stage but were not selected for the position.

Email Template

Template 9: The Personalized Rejection

This template provides a more personalized touch, referencing specific aspects of the candidate's application or interview.

Email Template

Conclusion - Why Candidate Rejection Emails Are Important

These candidate rejection email templates are crucial as they allow companies to handle the sensitive task of informing applicants about their unsuccessful applications with utmost professionalism and respect. The templates are designed to not only convey the rejection but also maintain a positive relationship with the candidates, potentially laying the groundwork for future opportunities.

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